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The Center

  • provide one-on-one training/consultation, group sessions, and development opportunities to increase users' knowledge base and inform their use of technology in instruction;
  • houses dedicated support staff to assist faculty and students in the use of various technologies to enhance both traditional and web-based courses; and 
  • supports and maintains consistent, reliable, and cost effective instructional technology in TSU's classrooms and computer labs.

About CII


The Center fosters the University’s Culture of Teaching Excellence by supporting faculty and students in their use of innovative instructional tools for teaching and learning. CII staff draw upon expertise in both instructional technology and in a wide variety of teaching strategies to support instructors with the implementation of tools for their instructional needs, assist students in using these tools, share information across the university about effective practices, and examine the effect of technology on teaching and learning.


  • As a Center we value faculty and the contribution they bring to the educational process. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy of teaching.
  • We believe our greatest impact on instruction happens through individualized collaboration with faculty to solve their problems.
  • We believe that our responsibility for supporting instruction extends to all students using these resources as part of their academic preparation.
  • Our success is measured by how many faculty and students find value in our service not how many users we have.
  • We believe in a consensus-driven standards process to provide all faculty with a robust set of instructional tools to use in their courses.
  • We believe that effective instruction is something that can be studied and we seek to foster an ongoing research agenda within the university.


  • Maintain consistent, reliable, and cost effective instructional technology for all teaching modalities.
  • Provide technical training and instructional mentoring service for faculty seeking to use technology.
  • Provide technical support to faculty and students using instructional technology and online learning tools.
  • Coordinate and provide on-going service to support excellence in teaching through faculty development efforts and organized research.
  • Provide rapid response and customer feedback to technical issues in academic teaching facilities. 
  • Serve as a trusted source of information about instructional technology use at Tarleton and act as an advocate for meeting faculty and student needs in the University's technology infrastructure.
  • Work with faculty to provide small scale solutions to address instructional needs on the department/college level.
  • Provide spaces, time, and technology throughout the University where faculty and students can collaborate on instructional and research based projects.


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