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Child Development Center

kids at center playing outside

Daily Class Schedule

Breakfast 7:30-8:00 AM
Snack 9:00-10:00 AM
Lunch 12:00 PM
Nap 12:30-2:30 PM
Snack 2:30-3:00 PM

The Tarleton State University Child Development Center (CDC) and After School Program (ASP) was established to provide quality child care programs aimed at helping parents fulfill work, study, and family responsibilities without sacrificing their occupational or educational goals or the quality of their family life. With that goal in mind the CDC and ASP serves multiple roles for staff, faculty, and students at Tarleton as well as the community of Stephenville.

The purpose of the Child Development Center and After School Program is to provide a learning experience for University students engaged in the study of child development and education, and to provide a pleasurable learning experience for children enrolled in these programs. The programs and policies are designed to be consistent with the University mission as an institution of higher education, while placing as foremost the quality of care received by the children enrolled.

The Child Development Center provide a loving and affectionate atmosphere and at all times respects the dignity, feelings and needs of the individuals (child and adult) in the program. We strive to give the child freedom to explore and create to make the experience the most meaningful possible. To read more about the guidelines set by the state of Texas, view the Minimum Standards for Centers.


kids helping with plants outside
  • providing the child with learning experiences through play activities
  • a pleasant social experience through interactions with members of the group
  • the opportunity for physical activity to increase muscle development and control
  • to meet the individual needs of the child -- physical, intellectual, social and emotional
  • to recognize the different levels of preschool children


The Creative Curriculum is a Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved curriculum, by Teaching Strategies, is used to guide the program in these classrooms. This curriculum emphasizes that all three areas of development (social/emotional, cognitive, and physical) are equally important and are interdependent. The activities are planned by the teachers who actually work with the children. Planning is based upon principles of child development and the individual abilities and interests of the children in the classroom.


Fees are: $527.00 per month for Preschool/Pre-K (37 mos or older AND potty trained )
$590.00 for Young Multi-Age group (18-36 mos).
All fees are subject to change.

View the Parent Handbook

Association for Early Learning Leaders


The Child Development Center at Tarleton is accredited by the Association for Early Learning Leaders.