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A Centennial Celebration

Centennial Celebration, Tarleton State University

The fortuitous merger of a tiny, struggling but well-intentioned private school with one of Texas; educational stalwarts celebrates its centennial anniversary in 2017.

The historical significance of that effort 100 years ago reflects the dedication and commitment of supporters of John Tarleton College’s effort to join with Texas A&M, the state’s original public university.

Among the key players in the century-old drama were steadfast Tarleton President James F. Cox, the visionary head of Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College, President Dr. W.B. Bizzell, various local boosters, benefactors and staunch supporters.

On Feb. 20, 1917, three-and-a-half years after Cox took over at Tarleton, the combined work on the campuses of the two schools, the Legislature and Stephenville as a whole, came to fruition.

The bill joining the two colleges was resoundingly adopted by the Legislature and set the course for The Texas A&M University System as we recognize it today and throughout this year-long celebration.

Texas A&M University System Chancellor, John Sharp
Tarleton has been an integral member of the A&M System for the last century, and I believe this important connection will only become stronger as Tarleton and the A&M System continue to flourish in the future.

John Sharp, Texas A&M University System Chancellor