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Fellowship Opportunities through the Center for Educational Excellence

The Center for Educational Excellence facilitates five teams of faculty fellows.

  • Experiential Learning Fellows
    • The Experiential Learning Fellows will be directly involved with initiatives including, but not limited to, the Applied Learning Experiences (ALE) program, study abroad, and foreign/domestic exchange.
  • Leadership Fellows (limited to tenure-track or tenured faculty)
    • Leadership fellows will have an opportunity to lead and direct projects from start to finish, in order to further facilitate leadership skills. As a leadership fellow, you can develop a project that will contribute to the University faculty, staff, students or greater community.
  • Scholar Development Fellows (limited to tenure-track or tenured faculty)
    • Scholar Development fellows will develop faculty scholars and advance Tarleton's research profile via contributions to initiatives including, but not limited to, events planning (i.e., symposiums, colloquiums), applied learning research experiences, assessment data, assisting faculty with grant writing and statistics, professional development, and management of the research participant pool.
    • See the Scholar Development Fellows
  • Service Fellows
    • Service fellows will support faculty in the development of a deep and rich profile of service to the institution, community, and profession. This includes, but is not limited to: events planning (e.g. symposiums, Service Day); development, support, and enrichment activities; service-learning initiatives; community and civic engagement; and related scholarship.
  • Teaching Fellows
    • Teaching fellows will mentor and advise faculty on high-impact practices in teaching, teaching approaches, strategies, implementation, and provide professional development for teaching and assist with other teaching-related initiatives.
    • See the Teaching Fellows

Experiential Learning, Research, Service, and Teaching fellow teams consist of one fellow from each academic college. Leadership fellows are selected from any academic college, but are fewer in number and may not represent each academic college.