Applied Learning Experience (ALE) Program

Applied Learning Experiences (ALEs) are academic, and non-academic, transformative learning experiences designed to engage students in active and reflective learning to further develop beyond-disciplinary skills and expand students’ perspectives of self, community, and global environments.

With the guidance and mentoring of faculty and staff, students will think critically and articulate the broader impact of these activities. The result will be a distinctive collegiate experience that prepares the student well for life beyond college.

The Applied Learning Experiences (ALE) categories are:

  • Service Learning
  • Scholarly Activity
  • Internship/Practicum
  • Leadership
  • Discipline Knowledge
  • Cultural Enrichment

By successfully completing at least three of these approved activities across at least two categories, students will earn an ALE cord to wear at graduation and will have a strong e-portfolio with which to market themselves to employers and graduate schools.

How can students connect with ALEs?

Students can get involved with Applied Learning Experiences (ALEs) through select classes, some student organizations, and other ALE events.

A list of ALE opportunities is coming to this page soon!

What role do faculty & staff play in the ALE program?

A faculty or staff supervisor is required for each approved ALE. These supervisors commit to:

  • facilitating the activity
  • providing prompts for critical reflection
  • grading students’ written reflections

ALEs can be facilitated by more than one supervisor if desired.

How do faculty & staff initiate new ALEs?

Faculty or staff members who wish to propose a new ALE should submit an application before the semester begins so the ALE council can verify that it meets the minimum requirements and so the activity can appear on the list of approved ALEs.


Is funding available for ALEs?

Funding is available to help offset start up costs of new ALEs. Faculty and staff supervisors can request this funding when completing the New ALE application. These funds can be used for supplies, technology, training, and related travel. These funds cannot be used as compensation for ALE supervisors.