Dr. Donald L. Zelman, Dean

Davis Hall, Room 111

(254) 968-9141

        The College of Liberal and Fine Arts has two missions: first, to provide the courses in the humanities, social sciences, and arts that comprise part of the core curriculum required of all University students; and second, to provide major fields of study in the above areas and in criminal justice and social work.

        Degree programs available in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts provide the base required for professional and related fields. They also include specialized programs that are professionally oriented and lead to careers in such fields as teaching, criminal justice, social work, and the performing arts. The College of Liberal and Fine Arts is organized into four departments:

I.      English and Languages, including Foreign Languages.

II.     Fine Arts and Communications, including Music, Art, Theatre, and Communications.

III.    Social Sciences, including History, Political Science, Geography, and Philosophy.

IV.    Social Work, Sociology, and Criminal Justice.

The College also offers Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Liberal Studies.