Dr. Don Cawthon, Dean

Dr. Jane Dennis, Associate Dean
Agriculture Building, Room 101

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      The College of Agriculture and Human Sciences includes the Department of Agribusiness, Agronomy, Horticulture, and Range Management; the Department of Agricultural Services and Development; the Department of Animal Sciences; and the Department of Human Sciences.

        Historically, Tarleton has been strong in the discipline of agriculture since its establishment in 1899, and it was known for most of the first half of this century as John Tarleton Agricultural College. Enrollment in Agriculture and Human Sciences exceeds 1,300. With 14 Texas universities offering baccalaureate degrees in agriculture, Tarleton’s program is third in number of student majors and third nationally among non-land-grant universities. Tarleton’s graduates have a reputation for high performance and for contributions to their professions in agriculture, agribusiness, education, and human sciences. Many have continued their education and attained graduate and professional degrees at leading universities nationwide.

        The majors within the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture include strong programs in Animal Production, Animal Science, Animal Industries, Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Farm and Ranch Management, Horticulture, Landscape and Golf Course Management, Agronomy and Range Management, and Wildlife Management. The Department of Animal Sciences also offers a pre-veterinary medicine program.

        The Agricultural Services and Development program, which includes the traditional teacher certification program (Agricultural Education), has received state and national recognition by routinely leading the state of Texas and the nation in numbers of graduates certified to teach. It remains first in the nation today. The department also includes options in Agricultural Communications, International Agriculture, Agricultural Extension/Industry, and Interdisciplinary Agriculture. Each program provides strong student internship opportunities.

        The Tarleton Agriculture Center, supporting the instructional programs in agriculture, is located on 2,000 acres of University land and includes a dairy; beef cattle center, feedlot, and ranch; confinement swine operation; poultry facility; horse center with arena, stallion barn, and laboratory; horticulture center with greenhouses, frame house, and laboratory-classroom; golf course laboratory and support greenhouses; and a meats laboratory complete from abattoir to retail processing and sales. Located adjacent to the Texas A&M University Agricultural Research and Extension Center, the Tarleton Agriculture Center provides excellent employment experiences for Tarleton undergraduate agriculture majors and research opportunities for those seeking the master of science degree in agriculture.

        The Department of Human Sciences provides courses in the areas of child and family studies, foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles, housing and design, and consumer economics and resource management. Tarleton presently offers a degree in Human Sciences with specialty options in teacher certification, child and family studies, extension, fashion merchandising and, nutrition and foods. With over 100 majors, the department also provides course work for approximately 1,000 students each year, most of whom are in education, physical health and training, nursing, and pre-allied health programs. The department is currently experiencing an increase in students from other departments and colleges selecting Human Sciences courses for electives and from interdisciplinary programs with the College of Business Administration. The Department of Human Sciences maintains and manages a Child Development Center, which provides quality educational programs for children ages 3 to 5 years and laboratory experience for Tarleton students..

        Tarleton emphasizes quality teaching in all of the agricultural and human science degree programs. Faculty include 32 full-time appointments, 25 with doctoral degrees from leading universities across the nation. Several Texas A&M University System faculty members serve as adjunct or graduate faculty.


        Tarleton State University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the Department of Agribusiness, Agronomy, Horticulture, and Range Management; the Department of Agricultural Services and Development, and the Department of Animal Sciences. Undergraduate programs are offered in the Department of Human Sciences. More detailed information is given regarding the departments, degree options, curricula, and course descriptions in following sections of the catalog. The departments are interdependent and utilize common resources in developing and offering specialized programs appealing to a broad array of student interests.

Department of Agribusiness, Agronomy, Horticulture, and Range Management

I.         Bachelor of Science – Agriculture

a.    Agricultural Economics
b.    Agronomy and Range Management
c.    Horticulture and Landscape Management

II.        Master of Science – Agriculture (thesis and non-thesis tracks)

Department of Agricultural Services and Development

I.         Bachelor of Science – Agricultural Services and Development

a.     Agricultural Science with Teacher Certification
b.     Agricultural Communications
c.     Agricultural Extension and Industry
d.     International Agricultural Services

II.        Bachelor of Science – Agriculture - Interdisciplinary Agriculture

III.      Master of Science – Agricultural Education (thesis and non-thesis tracks)

Department of Animal Sciences

I.         Bachelor of Science – Agriculture

a.       Animal Science
b.       Animal Production
c.        Animal Industries
d.       Wildlife Management

II.        Pre-veterinary Medicine Program

III.      Master of Science – Agriculture (thesis and non-thesis tracks)

Department of Human Sciences

I.      Bachelor of Science - Human Sciences

        a.     Teacher Certification
        b.     General/Extension
        c.     Fashion Merchandising
        d.     Child and Family Studies
        e.     Nutrition and Foods