††††††† The Division of Student Services creates a campus environment for learning and development by serving student interests in every aspect of university life. To achieve these goals, the Vice President for Student Services supervises and coordinates programs for all aspects of student life. These programs include: the Office of Student Life, Career Services, Financial Aid, Food Services, Housing and Residence Life, Multicultural Services, Recreational Sports, Rodeo Activities, Student Activities, the Student Counseling Center, the Student Development Center, the Student Health Center, Student Leadership Programs and Student Publications.


††††††† The Office of Student Life promotes a campus environment that allows all students to learn and develop. The Dean of Student Life serves as the adviser to the Student Government Association (SGA) and Greek Affairs. The dean is also responsible for enforcing university policies, coordinating student legal services and providing information and support to students who want to become more involved in campus life. Staff members serve as the university contact for student-related grievances and emergencies. The staff also serves as consultants to faculty and staff regarding student problems and concerns.

††††††† The SGA is the representative voice of Tarleton State University students and brings the interests and concerns of students to the attention of the administration and university community. The SGA works cooperatively with the university administration on policies affecting students in the areas of academics, campus regulations, allocation of student service fees, and student membership on university committees. The SGA coordinates student government elections held in the spring of each year. It also initiates programs for the improvement and enrichment of the student body and the university community. The SGA office is located in Room 201H of the Student Development Center. For more information regarding the Office of Student Life, come by room 105A of the Student Development Center or visit us on the web at


Located in Room 218 of the Student Development Center, the Career Services Center assists students in the selection of a career field. It will also help those looking for a part-time job. The Pinpoint Guidance System, an interactive computer program, and other career inventories provide feedback for occupational preferences based on personality profiles and personal value systems.

††††††† Personal career counseling sessions are scheduled by appointment. A career library is available to help with career development. Job searches are conducted through job fairs and on-campus interviews that establish networks and identify jobs. Electronic registration is accomplished through the centerís Career Connections system. Part-time job listings are posted on a bulletin board in the center and can be found on the Career Serviceís homepage.

††††††† Job fairs, on-campus interviews, resume assistance, mock interviews, business etiquette dinners and career development workshops are available to assists students with their full-time job search. Students may post resumes and access job listings through CampusStarter, an on-line resume/job posting program. Students need to

register with Career Services and have their resume in CampusStarter by the second semester of the junior year. To find out more about our services, visit www.tarleton,edu/~careers/.


The Office of Financial Aid at Tarleton State University offers student loans, grants, work opportunities and scholarships. For more information about opportunities for financial assistance, please refer to p. 64 in this catalog, visit the Office of Financial Aid in room 118 of the Tarleton Center or visit us online at


††††††† The Office of Food Services is committed serving nutritious food at reasonable prices. The Dining Hall and the Food Court provide a variety of food to Tarleton students, faculty and staff. You may also purchase snacks and beverages at the coffee bar in the foyer of the library. For more information regarding procedures, policies, hours and locations refer to our website at


††††††† The Department of Housing and Residence Life at Tarleton State University is committed to providing a residential community that supports and enhances the development of life skills in a safe and clean environment. Research has shown that students who reside on campus tend to be more involved in academic and extracurricular activities, earn a higher grade point average, frequently exceed predicted levels of learning and personal development and are more likely to complete their college education within the prescribed program length.


††††††† Tarleton provides on-campus housing for approximately 1,250 students. Residence hall rooms have telephone, cable TV and high speed Internet outlets provided at no additional cost. Ice and vending machines, TV lounges, and laundry facilities are available in each facility.

Menís Residence Halls

††††††† Bender Hall is an air-conditioned hall with living space that accommodates 184 men. This hall has three floors that are divided into ramps. Each ramp consists of approximately 40 students who share a restroom and shower facility.

††††††† Ferguson Hall accommodates up to 237 men. This three-story, air-conditioned residence hall is divided into ramps, each with community restrooms and shower facilities.

Womenís Residence Halls

††††††† Hunewell Hall and Hunewell Annex are air-conditioned residence halls that house 315 women. Rooms are arranged in suites with two rooms joined by a bathroom. A television lounge is located on the first floor of Hunewell Hall and laundry facilities are available on the first floor of Hunewell Annex.

Co-ed Residence Halls

††††††† Co-ed Hall is a four-story, air-conditioned building that accommodates 186 students. Women reside on the second and third floors and men on the first and fourth floors. Each room has its own private bath. Laundry facilities and ice and vending machines are available on the first floor. Co-ed Hall houses primarily sophomore, junior, and senior-level students.

Crockett Hall is an air-conditioned hall that is arranged in suites with two rooms sharing a common bath. Crockett Hall houses approximately 150 residents, with men on the first floor and women on the second. Laundry facilities and ice and vending machines are available on the first floor of Crockett Hall.

Campus Apartments

††††††† Summit, Venture and Lone Star Apartment complexes are located on the north side of campus. The apartments have one or two bedrooms. Each apartment is furnished, has central heat and air, cable, telephone service and direct Internet access. Summit and Venture apartments are assigned with priority given to married students and students with dependents and families. Lone Star apartments are available to students who have met the on-campus living requirement.

††††††† The New Apartments complex is the newest addition to Tarleton. Each apartment is completely furnished, has four bedrooms, cable, telephone and Internet access. The apartment complex has a clubhouse with a cookout area, a large television lounge, laundry facilities and a computer lab. Apartments are assigned with priority given to students of junior and senior classification.


††††† All unmarried students under 21 years of age who have completed less than 45 semester credit hours accepted by Tarleton must reside in the residence halls and eat in the university dining facilities. Housing contracts are for an academic year (fall and spring). Students who live with a parent or parents at their legal, full-time residence within 60 miles of campus according to the official state mileage chart, who are married, or who have a child are excused from this policy. Proof must be submitted with a completed off-campus request form.

††††††† The Director of Housing and Residence Life will consider exemptions for students with severe, documented medical problems that preclude them from living in a residence hall, or who wish to live with a sibling currently enrolled at Tarleton State University. A student requesting an exception because of medical reasons must submit a detailed supporting statement from a physician on the physicianís letterhead with an off-campus request form.


††††††† To reserve a room a completed application and $100 deposit in the form of cash, check or money order must be submitted to the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Room assignments are made based upon the date of receipt of the deposit in the housing office. The chances for receiving a specific roommate are greatly improved if both of the studentsí housing applications are mailed together and received in the housing office prior to March 1.


The deposit, less any deductions for damages, will be returned to the student who: graduates, requests a refund upon completion of his or her housing contract period or is denied admission to the university for scholastic deficiencies. The $100 deposit is subject to forfeiture if a student does not fulfill his/her contract. A student who withdraws or is suspended from the university will not be allowed to reside in the residence halls or apartments for more than 24 hours after the date of withdrawal or suspension. To receive a refund in full, a request for cancellation must be received in the Housing Office as follows:

Fall Spring Summer I Summer II
July 15 December 15 † May 10† June 20

††††††† †††††† ††††††† †††††† ††††††† †††††† ††††††


††††††† Students who wish to appeal the housing requirement must complete an off-campus request form and submit it to the Office of Housing and Residence Life with sufficient documentation to support the information given. Students who have completed 45 semester credit hours accepted by Tarleton, or who are at least 21 years of age by the first class day, are not required to complete any paperwork for housing. Students are encouraged to wait until they are notified of their release from housing before making alternative housing arrangements.


The original contract is extended to cover the entire length of stay in university housing. A renewal is not required.

For more information, please contact the Housing and Residence Life Office at (254) 968-9083, write to Housing and Residence Life, Box T-0280, Stephenville, Texas 76402, or visit us online at


††††††† Tarleton State University recognizes the importance of building a diversified campus where students of varying ethnicity can interact both academically and socially. This office offers support services, programs and activities that promote cultural awareness and sensitivity.

††††††† Multicultural Services† operates the PASS program and produces the annual Office of Multicultural Services End of the Year Achievement Banquet and Dance. It also sponsors TEXAN PALS, a mentoring program that assists newly-admitted students with the transition to university life. Please come by the Office of Multicultural Services, located in room 201A of the Student Development Center or visit us online at


Participation in competitive and recreational sporting activities is an essential part of the educational experience. The Department of Recreational Sports provides a variety of intramural team and individual sporting events, self-directed activities, and special events to meet the physical fitness and personal enjoyment needs of the student. Such activities and events provide a means for students to socialize and compete in the spirit of good sportsmanship and serve as an excellent way to relieve stress.

††††††† A calendar of scheduled recreational activities and events can be obtained at the Office of Recreational Sports, which is located in the Physical Education Annex next to the Administration Building. Please visit us online at


††††††† The Office of Rodeo Activities serves as a central location for students who are interested in rodeo participation or competition. Practice facilities and stock are available for student use. Scholarships and travel allowances are available based on scholastic and rodeo performance. The office sponsors the Tarleton Rodeo Association, which is open to all students, and hosts several rodeo activities throughout the academic year including the Intramural Rodeo, Alumni Rodeo and National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) Rodeo.

††††††† Tarleton State University is a member of the NIRA and participates in the Southwest Region. The Office of Rodeo Activities is located in Room 104D of the Student Development Center. Please visit us online at


††††††† Participation in organizations, activities and events adds an important dimension to the college experience. In addition to making friends, students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills that are important for their future. The Office of Student Activities recognizes more than 100 student organizations. These organizations represent academic departments, honor societies, Greek fraternities and sororities and a variety of special interest groups.

††††††† The Student Programming Association (SPA) is one of the organizations advised by Student Activities. SPA is the main programming board on campus, offering students the opportunity to plan and implement activities (concerts, movies, speakers and service projects) for the Tarleton campus and local community.

††††††† In addition to SPA and student organizations, the Office of Student Activities is responsible for the Student Organizational Forum, university orientation programs and various social programs designed to meet the needs of a culturally diverse student body.

††††††† For further information, call (254) 968-9490, come by the Office of Student Activities in Room 201 of the Student Development Center or visit us at


††††††† The Student Counseling Center provides counseling and psychological services to students enrolled at Tarleton. The services include: individual, couple, marital and group counseling, consultation and outreach programming. Concerns addressed in counseling vary widely and include adjustment to college, choosing a major, relationship difficulties, major life transitions, test anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders and depression.

††††††† The number of sessions depends on the nature of the student's concern. Personality or interest testing is also available. There is no charge for counseling or testing services. All services provided are held in the strictest confidence. Confidentiality is maintained to the limits provided by Texas law and professional ethics and no record of counseling is made on academic transcripts.

††††††† The Student Counseling Center is committed to diversity and to meeting the needs of a changing university community. Appointments may be scheduled in person or by calling (254) 968-9044. The Student Counseling Center is located in Room 212 of the Student Development Center. Additional information about counseling services is available online at


††††††† The Student Development Center (SDC) serves as the center of campus life. The SDC has a ballroom that accommodates up to 430 people. Five conference rooms with seating capacities from 28 to 98 are located in the SDC. There are five lounges are available for studying or socializing. A vending lounge, equipped with a microwave oven, refrigerator and vending machines, is available on the main floor. The Fitness Zone has a variety of exercise equipment that includes: treadmills, stair-steppers, life-cycles, weight machines and free weights. The Game Room has nine pool tables, three ping-pong tables, an air hockey table, an assortment of video machines, several card and board games, darts and pinball machines. For more information visit the SDC online at


††††††† The Student Health Center provides health care services to all students currently enrolled at Tarleton State University. The student health fee covers office visits. The spouses of enrolled students are also eligible for office visits at a nominal charge. Reasonable fees are charged for treatments, injections, tests and medications.

††††††† Services provided include: providing prescription and over-the-counter medication, treating minor/acute illnesses and injuries, injections, services of a medical doctor or nurse practitioner, consultations regarding any health problem (including referrals), blood pressure checks, and the continuation of health care following surgery or illness as directed by a physician.

Additionally, crutches are available for loan. Tuberculosis (TB) testing, tetanus, measles/mumps/rubella (MMR), meningitis, influenza (fall semester only), and hepatitis A & B vaccines are available. Physical exams, women's health exams and oral or injectable birth control are also available for a reasonable fee.

††††††† All x-rays, laboratory tests, and medical services conducted outside of the Student Health Center are performed at the student's expense. Health literature is available at the Student Health Center. The health center staff are Tarleton allies and advocates for the physically disabled.

††††††† For more information, call (254) 968-9272 or come to the Student Health Center in Room 212 of the Student Development Center. Visit us online at


††††††† The Office of Student Leadership Programs at Tarleton State University provides learning experiences and service opportunities aimed at developing the leadership potential of the student. These programs encourage students to become agents of positive change through a commitment to service.

††††††† The Leadership Certification program (TASL) emphasizes community involvement. Upon completion of the three-phase program, students receive leadership certification which is noted on their academic transcripts. One of TASLís many projects is the Big Event, a day of community service offered by Tarleton students.

††††††† Duck Camp is a summer event that assists incoming freshmen in making a smooth transition from high school to college.

††††††† Learn more about Tarletonís leadership programs by visiting us at


††††††† The Office of Student Publications is located in Room 20 of the Student Development Center. Student Publications serves the university by providing the campus newspaper, the yearbook and the student handbook/planner.

††††††† The J-TAC is the official newspaper of the student body and is published weekly during the fall and spring semesters and once during the summer. Itis also available online at

††††††† The Grassburr is the university yearbook that chronicles key events, activities and programs that occur throughout the academic year and displays pictures of students and student organizations.

††††††† The Student Handbook/Planner provides a detailed explanation of Tarleton State University services, rules, regulations and policies of the Texas A&M University System. The handbook is available at the beginning of the fall semester and can be obtained through the Office of Student Publications or can be accessed online at


††††††† The Department of Athletics provides for and supports a comprehensive athletic program for men and women. Tarleton State University is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II and the Lone Star Conference (South Division), which includes seven other area universities -- Abilene Christian University, Angelo State University, Eastern New Mexico University, Texas A&M University - Commerce, Texas A&M University - Kingsville, Texas Womanís University, and West Texas A&M University. Intercollegiate sports programs for men include baseball, basketball, cross country, football, and outdoor track and field. Womenís athletic programs consist of basketball, cross country, tennis, outdoor track, fast-pitch softball, golf, and volleyball.

††††††† Athletics at Tarleton State University is characterized by a commitment to wholesome athletic competition, a desire for student-athletes to succeed academically as well as on the athletic field or court, and by widespread student participation. Athletic teams at Tarleton State University are known as the Texans/TexAnns, and the official school colors are purple and white.


††††††† The Child Development Center provides quality child care for children ages 3 to 5 and early childhood laboratory experience for Tarleton State University students. The Center is located in the Department of Human Sciences in Wisdom Gym. It is open to children of students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community.


††††††† All vehicles owned, parked, and/or operated on campus at any time by students, faculty, and staff must be registered with the Office of University Police. All student vehicles must be registered at the beginning of each semester or at any time they are brought onto campus. Everyone applying for vehicle registration must furnish a driverís license and a vehicle license number. Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Traffic and Parking Regulations.


††††††† The Tarleton State University Foundation, Inc., exists exclusively for the purpose of providing financial assistance to Tarleton State University. The Tarleton State University Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides support for Tarleton primarily from earnings on endowed funds, gifts, or property. The Foundation acts independently of the University and The Texas A&M University System, solely for the benefit and enhancement of Tarleton State University.

††††††† Through the generosity of Tarleton alumni and friends, the Foundation fiscally administers more than 100 scholarship accounts and provides financial assistance for related scholarly activities. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board composed of up to 25 members. The Foundation manages, invests, and distributes all funds of the Foundation for the furtherance of educational purposes at Tarleton, including scholarships, opportunity awards for students, student recruiting, and any other activities permissible under the laws of the State of Texas. For further information regarding the Foundation, contact the Tarleton State University Foundation, Inc., Box T-0415, phone (254) 968-9890.


††††††† The mission of the Tarleton Alumni Association (TAA) is to preserve traditions and to provide leadership, meaningful services, and active support to Tarleton, its students, friends, and alumni. The TAA, governed by a 21-member Board of Directors that meets four times annually, represents over 50,000 former Tarleton students. Operating from the Tarleton Center, the TAA strives to keep alumni involved and informed about Tarleton by providing numerous activities and services, both on campus and throughout Texas. The TAA also aims to make current students aware of Tarletonís strong traditions, famous alumni from past years, and the importance of remaining associated with the University after graduation.

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