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Trash (formerly Recycle Bin)

If you've had a change of heart or made a mistake, Trash options are available in Cascade to reverse your deletion requests. You can find it in the Site Content (file explorer), directly underneath "Site Content", when viewing any Site.

Deleted assets can be sorted or searched in order to find the content you need to restore. Once you find what you want, you can select the checkbox and either select the Restore (arrow) button or the Delete (trash) button to permanently delete the asset.

Some things to consider when restoring:

  • You will need to re-publish it if it was supposed to be on the website. Make sure the appropriate assets are linked to it, if necessary (you can select the Relationships tab to double-check your links).
  • If your asset affected your navigation, you will need to re-publish your full website Folder.
  • If you had made an asset in the same Folder with the same name, you will need to adjust its Asset Name before restoring.