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A draft of your asset is made any time you:

  • create an asset and do not save it
  • update an asset and do not save it

If you Edit a Page and find yourself on a block that has a draft version available, you will be able to choose whether to resume editing on the draft (if it is your draft) or discard the draft.

Viewing, Editing, Discarding, or Submitting a Draft

If you want to see how your draft looks inside Cascade, and you are editing an asset that has already been created, select the asset and note the dropdown menu next to Page that says "Current" and switch it to "Draft". You will see a Submit and Discard option next to the Edit button for draft content.

Drafts are only viewable by you, so if you make edits to an asset someone else has a draft of, you will receive a message about replacing their edits entirely for yours. Talk to your colleagues before replacing their updates, since you are unable to see their intended changes.