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Naming Conventions for Pages

  • Do not include spaces or special characters (i.e. !@#$%^&*()[]+=,<>?/\|~{}).
  • Do not include file extensions.
  • Do keep the names short (e.g. remove 'and', 'of', and 'a') and concise, but meaningful to improve SEO rankings.
  • For consistency, use the following names for pages:
    • people - for all Faculty/Staff pages
    • contact - for all Contact Us pages
    • index - for all homepages or overview type pages in subfolders inside websites

Reference pages are special pages used for navigational purposes only. The naming conventions are the same as a normal page, however, they do not publish as real pages to the Tarleton website. They merely reference to the original page located somewhere else on the Tarleton website. This reduces duplication of content, increasing reuse and improving SEO to our website.

Good/Bad Examples for Page System Names
Good Example Bad Example
page-name page name
name-of-page name%20of%20page
page1 page[1]
index page(1)
dept Department's_Pages
mission Mission_Updated-January 29, 2009
index index.html