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Naming Conventions for Folders

  • Do not include spaces or special characters (i.e. !@#$%^&*()[]+=,<>?/\|~{}).
  • For consistency, use the following names for folders:
    • images - a folder to organize all graphics files
    • documents - a folder to organize all documentational files
    • forms - if the documents folder is hard to organize with form files included, a separate folder to organize all form files
  • The only folders that start with an underscore (_) are folders containing the Blocks for their pages. Underscore(_) folders do not get published or indexed by Cascade.
    • All pages and folders must have the same name, with the folder including the underscore (_) at the beginning of the name to keep track of content locations.
    • These folders must be set in Edit mode, on the System tab, to be unpublishable and unindexable to avoid search engines collecting broken content.
Good/Bad Examples for Folder System Names
Good Example Bad Example
_folder-name folder name
name-of-folder name%20of%20folder