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Naming Conventions for Files

  • Do not include spaces or special characters (i.e. !@#$%^&*()[]+=,<>?/\|~{}).
  • Do include file extensions (e.g. .pdf, .doc, .jpg).
  • Do keep the names short (e.g. remove 'and', 'of', and 'a') and concise, but meaningful to improve SEO rankings.
Good/Bad Examples for FilesSystem Names
Good Example Bad Example
file-name.jpg file name.jpg
name-of-file.pdf name%20of%20file.pdf
file.docx file
short-image-description.jpg short-image-description
short-graphic-description.jpg IMG2034.jpg
female-student-smiling-classroom.jpg IMG2034(1).jpg
engineering-technology-building.jpg engineering-technology-buildingCROPPED.jpg
strategic-plan.pdf Strategic Plan - Revised 10.23.12.pdf
strategic-plan-2015 Strategic Plan 2015