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Privacy, Safety, and Security

As a web maintainer for Tarleton State University, you are responsible for the privacy, safety, and security of all visitors to your website, which makes you a major player in the image and reputation of the University.

We want you to be able to make educated decisions on how to promote your products and services, so this section is essentially a primer on web topics regarding white hat versus black hat practices as well as tips on how to protect yourself and your audience from “bad actors”.

"Bad Actors"

A screenshot of a real life example of an email with a suspicious file attached

An actual email sent to a Tarleton employee that contained a suspicious file attachment.

P.T. Barnum is widely assumed to have stated, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” given his showman practices to make sizeable profits. While much of what is discussed here may be viewed differently based on your specific moral values, our aim is to inform on the potential for ethical boundaries to be crossed as well as the potential for additional laws, like the CAN-SPAM Act, to be enacted to prevent these practices from doing the following:

  • Causing harm to people or their property (e.g. computer devices, user accounts)
  • Misinforming to manipulate people to take actions adverse to their normal behavior, desires, or goals
  • Intruding on people’s privacy, including obtaining information without consent about people for use or sale to unknown entities

Website Topics

Marketing Techniques

Privacy and Data Protection

Social Engineering