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Form Security and Privacy

While we encourage the use of documents where webpages or integrated services cannot assist, we do have to consider the security of the information you want to provide first and foremost.

Basic documentation that you might post on the website should not include PII's or Personally Identifiable Information. This includes, but is not limited to,

  • birthdate
  • social security number
  • drivers license

This does not include information you can find in a phone directory.

Per FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) laws, PII's and health information cannot be placed on forms unless the submissions can be processed securely. Our integrated services, such as Wufoo or Target X, are not fully vetted to handle this type of information, so Web Services often recommends Adobe PDF documents that users can fill out. This is the most compatible document type and prevents users from editing the form itself.

Using a Secure Means of Processing Online Forms

Any form requesting FERPA or HIPAA related information must provide a statement on these forms that indicates a secure means of sending the submissions to Tarleton. 

Email is not typically a secure route for many of our business processes, so Adobe PDF documents cannot be sent back via email with FERPA or HIPAA information. Instead, you can provide your users with the following options:

  • mail to a specified Tarleton address
  • bring in-person to a specified department's building and room number, preferably with a contact individual identified

Forms that do not require FERPA or HIPAA related information may be submitted over email or our integrated services.

Web Services and Information Technology Services are working together to find secure online form solutions to bring more of your forms online. Please contact Web Services regarding your interest in our research and future pilots of secure solutions.

Privacy and Usage of Data Collected on Form Submissions

Tarleton State University must adhere to the Privacy Policy regarding the manner we collect and use the data we receive in form submissions as well as visitor activity and behavior. All pages in the responsive template have a link to the Privacy Policy. Any online forms not directly on the Tarleton State University website should include a link back to our Privacy Policy to inform our users that we are protecting and being good custodians of their information, using a statement similar to:

This form is in adherence with the Tarleton Privacy Policy.