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Use of Icons

Icons provide low-impact, responsive graphics to better engage your constituents. They are loaded as a font set which allows them the ability to resize without losing visibility or structure (they do not get blurry or pixilated) and do not take up as much space as JPG or PNG files.

Icons are used automatically on many of our links to indicate to users whether a link goes to

  • a PDF document
  • a word processor document
  • a spreadsheet document
  • a presentation document
  • a telephone number
  • an email
  • a map (using Tarleton's Campus Map or Google Maps)

However, in some cases, you might want a button to indicate a little bit more. All social media platforms Web Services supports are automatically added to social media buttons. Many of the modules support creating buttons allowing you to select icons.

Contact Web Services about icons next to your buttons. To aid you in this process and allow you to see what options are available, hover over any of the icons below to view the name of the icon in the mouse tool tip (the title attribute).

Set: data-icon

Set: data-tsu-icon