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Editing Images

It is vitally important that you edit your images to fit the image dimensions of the Content Module Block you are placing them in. If you do not abide by the guidelines, you could

  • cause your webpage to not function correctly, especially with regard to slides
  • cause your webpage to take too long to load, forcing your visitors to leave your website without gaining any information

All web maintainers are expected to know how to crop and resize their images. While Web Services must assist with graphical images, you are expected to crop and resize any photography you have access to that meet our photography guidelines.


Quality Images

Meeting those guidelines includes the ability to assess quality. PhotoshopCAFE has a good tutorial on resizing in regard to assessing and preserving pixel quality of photos. Do not add pixelated photos on your website as they do not represent our university or brand, which could negatively affect our visitor traffic and legitimacy.

View Tutorial on resizing in regard to assessing and preserving pixel quality of photos
Cropping and Resizing

Given the variety of image dimensions, you will likely have to crop your image as well as resize it in order to comply with the template dimension requirements. Aaron Rutten's tutorial on resizing and cropping an image in Photoshop gives you multiple ways to do this.

View Tutorial on How to Resize an Image in Photoshop CC + How to Crop

Important Note Regarding Tutorials Presented

Additional Instructions by Adobe

All employees can request Computer Helpdesk install Adobe Photoshop on their work computer. This software will allow you to complete the required tasks of resizing and cropping images and is very friendly for your departmental budget: free. Please use these Adobe video tutorials below as needed: