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Color Usage on the Web

Color on webpages shall be used in moderation and not modified outside the standard provide in the web templates. Contact Web Services about any customizations you may consider for embedded graphics, tables, forms, etc., and we'll help you figure out a solution for your layout and content needs.

Paragraphs that need to stand out due to the important information they provide can still be styled:

  • instructions (using the accent-green color)
  • warning (using the accent-brick red color)
  • caution (using the dark-gray color)
  • information (using the purple color)

If you are creating supplemental information (e.g. PDF documents), the following table shows the web colors, in hexadecimal values, as well as their print equivalents, in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values, depending on which format your software uses for color selection.

Colors Available on Tarleton Websites
Color Name Hexadecimal RGB
purple ("Tarleton Purple") #4F2D7F 79, 45, 127
accent-brick red #BF3D25 191, 61, 37
accent-green #2B8C53 43, 140, 83
accent-teal #41647F 65, 100, 127
white #FFF 255, 255, 255
light-gray #E1E1E1 225, 225, 225
gray #D9D6DA 217, 214, 218
medium-dark-gray #777 119, 119, 119
dark-gray #333 51, 51, 51

The Pantone color for the "Tarleton Purple" is 268.