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Video Block Panel

A simple module, this module is a block panel showcasing a video across the entire screen, or the up to the right hand navigation, and optionally includes engaging or descriptive content below it to encourage viewing the video. Contact Web Services for assistance on implementing videos as these require technical modifications for responsiveness and security, and approval for copyright and accessibility. Each Video Block can have the following elements in this order:

  1. Video (REQUIRED)
  2. Content (OPTIONAL)
    1. Basic Content
    2. Question and Answer
    3. Tabbed Content

This allows you to provide small chunks of engaging content below the video with calls-to-action.

Ideas for Usage

  • Feature Facilities
  • Feature Students/Faculty/Alum (Testimonials)
  • Feature Resources
  • Feature Programs

Video Dimensions and Requirements

Some data definitions (content blocks) can potentially implement Video Sections. These replace embedding inside WYSIWYG editors, due to responsive standards. While embedding is possible, there are a number of limitations given the standards used by different video hosting solutions. Consider this order of operations for determining the use of videos:

Will an image or link text with a link to the video be sufficient?
Is the video or animation in 16:9 aspect ratio?
Is the video or animation a background video (set to auto-play, auto-loop and auto-mute)?

Make sure the dimensions for the video content are produced in the proper size for the content module and then send your video link to Web Services for approval based on:

Only administrative users have access due to the complexity of code to make these responsive. Current options for videos are:

  • YouTube Videos (using <iframe>)
  • Vimeo Videos (using <iframe> excluding rotating areas)
  • Vimeo Videos (using <video>)