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Tall Aside Feature Panel

A truly versatile module that can have multiple uses, this is the main module for content on your page, and it is loaded with options. Each panel in a Tall Aside Feature Panel can have the following elements in this order:

  1. Main Content (REQUIRED)
    1. Content (REQUIRED)
      1. Basic Content
      2. Question and Answer
      3. Tabbed Content
    2. Aside (OPTIONAL)
      1. Multimedia
        1. Image (OPTIONAL)
        2. Video (OPTIONAL)
  2. Top Button (OPTIONAL)
  3. Content (OPTIONAL)
  4. Bottom Button (OPTIONAL)

This allows you to provide an extensive amount of engaging content with calls-to-action and media.


The Aside is OPTIONAL secondary information that supports the primary information in the Main Content area. Each panel can have only one (1) Aside, and that Aside is a column that lines up with the top of the Main Content area of each panel in the following ways:

  • LEFT or RIGHT Aligned to the Main Content
  • BEFORE or AFTER the First Heading in the Main Content

Each Aside can have

  • an image, video or no media
  • one button at the top (just below media, if used)*
  • content
  • three buttons at the bottom*

*If no content is included in the Aside, you cannot use both the top button and the bottom buttons.

Linking to more information is optional on the image. You can provide a link in other areas, however, it may be more useful to your constituents if the image’s link is the same as any important link you provide further down the Aside.

Ideas for Usage of Aside

  • Figure Caption for Aside Image
  • Figure Caption for Aside Video
  • Steps in a Process
  • Short, relevant content

Example Content Module(s)

See the example(s) below for potential solutions for content organization. Please note that not all examples are available as many of these content modules are quite flexible. Contact Web Services for creative solutions.

Tall Aside Feature Panel (Heading)

Purple Poo READ poster

View Tradition: Purple Poo READ Poster

Can place content, buttons, and/or multimedia here.

Purple Poo (Sub Heading)

The Purple Poo spirit organization evolved from the original spirit groups, Ten Tarleton Peppers (TTP) and Ten Tarleton Sisters (TTS). They actively promote school spirit by attending all university events and by posting signs on campus.

Members conceal their identities with costumes until they “unmask” themselves at the annual Leadership and ServiceAwards Ceremony or in their Grassburr pictures. Graduating members give the university president a purple pig as they receive their diplomas.

Tall Aside Feature Panel: Criminal Justice Certificates (Heading)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Sub Heading)

Male student getting a business card from a State Trooper at a job fair.

The aside can have multimedia, text content, and buttons:

This 12-hour graduate certificate is offered to enhance the master’s program in Criminal Justice.

Wide variety of content is possible here, such as what is written below. Content wraps around asides, if asides are used. Unfortunately, not all content wraps well, including lists, questions and answers, tabbed content, and tables.

This certificate program will provide you with the skills for dispute resolution within a variety of settings. There are three require courses for the certificate:

  • Mediation (ADRI 5341)
  • Advanced Mediation (ADRI 5343)
  • Effective Communication for ADR Specialists (ADRI 5344)
  • One elective course of the student’s choosing from the other ADRI offerings

Cybercrime Field Response (Sub Heading)

Female student looking up from computer.

Asides appear above the main content of a panel on mobile video either before or after a heading, if a heading is used. They do not appear below the content. Keep height in mind on mobile video.

This 12-hour graduate certificate is offered to enhance the master’s program in Criminal Justice.

An additional panel can be made to put this content below the aside, however, use caution regarding blank space. Also you can only have one aside for each panel, so create additional panels for additional asides.

This graduate certificate offers applied knowledge in the area of cybercrime, cybersecurity, and digital forensics and allows you to focus your degree in this area of specialty. The require courses are:

  • Global Cyber-Security (CRIJ 5353)
  • Introduction to Digital Forensics (CRIJ 5354)
  • Cellular Forensics (CRIJ 5355)
  • Digital Forensics Analysis (CRIJ 5356)

Strategic Studies (Sub Heading)

Male standing with two uniformed officers.

Complex information structures, like tables, should not be used in asides. Lists should be manageable. Check the mobile version of your page to determine if it is hard to read the content.

This 12-hour certificate is offered to enhance the master's degree in Criminal Justice.

Given the background color, white can be added in to separate the panels using the classes margin-top and/or margin-bottom. To remove padding between panels, use the classes no-padding-top and/or no-padding-bottom. Otherwise, panels typically connect to each other and contain some padding to give content easy reading flow.

This certificate will allow you to tailor your master’s degree for a specialty in global security issues. There are two require courses:

  • Terrorism (CRIJ 5351)
  • Homeland Security (CRIJ 5352)
  • In addition, students would choose two of the following courses: Global Cyber-Security (CRIJ 5353), Intersection of Domestic and Military Policing (CRIJ 5365), Transnational Trafficking (CRIJ 5349) or Executive Leadership (CRIJ 5375).

Post Master's Degree Principal Certification

Estimated Completion

24 credit hours, 18+ months

Application Process

Our program application process includes several steps, which you must complete in order to be considered for the program. View the full application process.

Locations Available


The Principal Certification is a 24 semester hours certification-only program for individuals holding a master’s degree. This certification program is designed to prepare for challenging and productive roles as campus-level and central office-level administrators in Texas public schools. Our program's quality educational experiences stimulate and encourage intellectual, personal and professional growth and a strong commitment to education and those served.


Coursework is delivered in a fully online format.

Recommendation for Certification

Recommendation for certification by Tarleton State University and the Department of Educational Leadership and Technology will be forwarded to the State Board for Educator Certification only after the student has successfully completed:

  • Designated course of study including the internship and professional development requirements,
  • Documentation of two years of creditable teaching experience as a classroom teacher (TAC § 241.25), and
  • Successful performance on the Principal Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES).

Student regulations for recommendation of Certification.

Application Process

  1. Prior completing EDAD 4300, submit the Principal Certification (post-master's) Program Application form, with three reference letters, one of which must be from a current school district administrator.
  2. Provide require official transcript(s) that indicate the conferral of the highest degree and good standing at the last college attended.

Note: If you are pursing an M.Ed., admission to the professional teacher certificate program is granted upon recommendation from the department head of your program and the submission of a certificate plan approved by the Tarleton Teacher Certification Officer. Certification is for Texas Residents Only.

All program applicants should mail their completed applications to the Department of Educational Leadership & Technology at the following address:

Tarleton State University
Attn: Superintendent Certification Program Applications
Box T-0790
Stephenville, TX 76402

A to Z Databases List

Content Modules

Content modules allow you to do a variety of things on a single page. While we discourage placing too many content modules on a page, we do want your webpage to be engaging. The first thing you should think about is content: Content is king.

You should choose your content module based on the sustainability of that module. For example, a slideshow may not be useful if you cannot change out the information periodically with updated news that has photography to go along with it.

Need help deciding which content module to choose? Here are some things to consider: 

I just need a place for text!
I have photos to go with my message!
Where can I put videos?
I have facts and figures!
Where do I place my form?
I use social media!

2016 Recipient, Dr. Jim Gentry

Dr. Gentry

Dr. Gentry was the 2016 recipient of the Last Lecture Award and therefore the keynote speaker for this annual series event. Dr. Gentry is an associate professor in the College of Education and Human Development at Tarleton State University. Dr. James Gentry has conducted research investigating assistive technology’s impact on students with special learning needs. Also, several research projects specifically reviewed the use of multimedia tools to enhance literacy experiences.

Today, Dr. Gentry prepares future educators for 21st Century instructional responsibilities. Students experience the important implications of technology tools in several field-based PBL projects. From developing Weebly websites that scaffold pre-service teacher instruction in the field to the use of Google tools and Green Screen technology for collaborative lesson planning, students in his classes apply 21st Century tools to enhance the use of research pedagogic practices.

View Dr. Gentry's presentation.