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Special Calendar Panel

There is no manual calendar module. We encourage you to use the Online Calendar System, so you don’t have to enter content in twice or three times, etc., in clunky lists and tables. With the Special Calendar Panel module, Web Services can assist you with embedding your calendar group and/or event types/tags onto your web page. Should no calendar group exist, contact Web Services to determine your needs. Once you have a calendar group in the calendar system, you can submit events via the LiveWhale calendar system. Events automatically update on the webpage in question when you have this panel in place.

A button panel is available to provide options to view more calendar events. Each Calendar Panel can have the following elements in this order:

  1. Calendar Container (REQUIRED)
  2. Buttons (OPTIONAL)

Calendar Widgets

The LiveWhale calendar system allows you to have a customizable event listing. A few widgets have been pre-made for your use, however, we can customize a widget to meet your needs (e.g. office hours for today, all events for a tag in table format).

Name ID Code Functionality
Event Archive 17 Displays events with at least one image (900 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall) in a Regular News Panel layout.
Event Listing 3 Displays a max of 6 calendar events on the panel.
Event Listing (No Office Hours) 25 Displays a max of 6 calendar events on the panel, excluding any with the category/event type of Office Hours.

Ideas for Usage

  • Short summary of upcoming events
  • Reminders of important events not typically categorized for your unit

Example Content Module(s)

See the example(s) below for potential solutions for content organization. Please note that not all examples are available as many of these content modules are quite flexible. Contact Web Services for creative solutions.

Past Events