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Social Media Panel

The Social Media Panel is a simple module that allows you to provide a list of all the social media tools your Tarleton entity is using. Each social media button has a predefined color and icon to for consistency and branding. The can be re-ordered in the panel as requested to Web Services. Web Services require the following for each button:

Social media is a powerful vehicle through which Tarleton entities may disseminate relevant news and connect with our audiences online. All Tarleton representatives interested in using social media tools and posting these listings/buttons on official Tarleton websites must abide by the Social Media Policy, which includes use and engagement guidelines. Marketing & Communications will determine approval for each social media tool you have submitted for review on a case-by-case basis.

As your social media tools are approved, you can request that Web Services staff include these social media buttons on your website. Marketing & Communications has the ability, as well as the responsibility, to appropriately monitor all social media tools, and determine the removal of any listing without advance notice in order to protect the university’s reputation and standing.

The Social Media Panel is a block underneath the right hand navigation only on the Right Navigation template. Social Media content may not display outside this area, including any widgets or feeds without approval from Web Services due to the potential interference of scripts with our website’s functionality and responsiveness.

Example Content Module(s)

See the example(s) below for potential solutions for content organization. Please note that not all examples are available as many of these content modules are quite flexible. Contact Web Services for creative solutions.