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Expanding Contact Information (Right Navigation Content Only)

A basic contact info module, this module is a block that provide websites with the ability to categorize contact people and/or locations to suit the user’s needs on each specific website. Contact Web Services for assistance on implementing this block. Each Expanding Contact Information Block can have the following elements in this order:

  1. Heading (REQUIRED)
  2. Contact Item (REQUIRED)
    1. Image (OPTIONAL)
    2. Info (REQUIRED)

The Expanding Contact Information Block is a block underneath the right hand navigation only. Due to the potential technical aspects of updating this section, Web Services handles the maintenance of these blocks on each website.

The Contact Item section is REQUIRED. Each section must have:

  • Expanding Label – the category for the location or person to be contacted
  • Name of Location or Person

You must provide at least one piece of contact information with the following choices:

  1. Image (OPTIONAL)
    1. Locations can be photos of the location or screenshots of the campus map or Google Maps
    2. People should be professionally composed photographs
  2. Info (REQUIRED – at least one is needed)
    1. Location (OPTIONAL): official building name and room (e.g. Administration Building, Room 154) with a link to either the location on the campus map or Google Maps
    2. Mailing Address (OPTIONAL): a mailing address or T-Box address with a link to either the location on the campus map or Google Maps
    3. Phone (OPTIONAL): ###-###-####
    4. Fax (OPTIONAL): ###-###-####
    5. Email (OPTIONAL):