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Regular News Panel

Much like the Rotating News Panel, a versatile module that can have multiple uses, the module is a panel with multiple blocks which are called News Sections. These blocks wrap in the panel from a left to right, top to bottom direction, depending on how many slides are available. Each News Section can have the following elements in this order:

  1. Image (REQUIRED)
  2. Content (OPTIONAL)
  3. Buttons (OPTIONAL)

This allows you to provide small chunks of engaging content with calls-to-action that wrap down the page.

News Sections can be hidden in case you wish to hold content for certain parts of the year and republish them, such as event promotions.

Ideas for Usage

  • News in small chunks
  • Feature Facilities
  • Feature Students/Faculty/Alum
  • Feature Resources
  • Feature Programs
  • Feature Career Paths
  • Feature Events
  • Steps in a Process

Example Content Module(s)

See the example(s) below for potential solutions for content organization. Please note that not all examples are available as many of these content modules are quite flexible. Contact Web Services for creative solutions.

Texan True at Tarleton

Living Texan True means living out the university core values of Service Integrity, Civility, Leadership, Excellence and Tradition day in and day out. Check out ways you can live Texan True!

Texan True Portal Page
Percussionist posing with a member of the Purple Poo holding a Poo sign: "Poo Say: Loud Noises" from yell contest

"Get Involved" is the number one piece of advice given to students during their time at Tarleton. View all your options for getting involved on campus and in your community!

Campus Involvement Portal Page
A group of students pose with cleaning supplies and a dog in the parking lot staging area for Tarleton Round Up

At Tarleton, students have the ability to explore and define what it means to be a leader. See how other students are defining leadership.

Leadership and Service Portal Page
A female student runs on a treadmill in the Rec Center while listening to her headphones

Your well-being at Tarleton is our number one priority. Learn more about campus resources available to help you maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle!

Health and Safety Portal Page
Ten students try to navigate on wooden group skis as part of a team building exercise during Duck Camp

Tarleton's new student programs take the stress out of adjusting to college life. Make friends and discover your new home!

Entrance to Legends Hall

Service like Texan Card, Parking, Dining, and the Post Office are important during your time at Tarleton. Be sure you have all of your essentials covered!

Campus Essentials Portal Page
Headshot of the John Tarleton statue

A defining attribute of a Texan is the pride and spirit we all share for Tarleton State University. Read more about our spirit and traditions!

Spirit and Tradition Portal Page
A new Texan family poses for a photo with Dr. Dottavio on the front steps of the Trogdon house

Parent and family involvement is crucial to your students' success. Find out how to get involved and be a member of the Tarleton Family.

Parents and Family Portal Page