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Content Modules

Content modules allow you to do a variety of things on a single page. While we discourage placing too many content modules on a page, we do want your webpage to be engaging. The first thing you should think about is content: Content is king.

You should choose your content module based on the sustainability of that module. For example, a slideshow may not be useful if you cannot change out the information periodically with updated news that has photography to go along with it.

Need help deciding which content module to choose? Here are some things to consider: 

I just need a place for text!
I have photos to go with my message!
Where can I put videos?
I have facts and figures!
Where do I place my form?
I use social media!

Getting assistance placing content in modules

While we want you to be able to update your information on your own, there are some elements of responsive design that will need our expertise in the standards and coding to make your website function elegantly and professionally. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cropping/resizing and embedding graphics or images (i.e. anything not strictly photography)
  • Embedding videos
  • Embedding tabular data
  • Embedding forms (e.g. Wufoo, Target X)
  • Embedding code (e.g. widgets, plugins, tracking code)

Some panels have very limited usage, such as the Emergency Panel, and may not be encouraged for various usage. Web Services will contact you if an alternative solution is needed.

Some panels can only be edited by Web Services:

Other modules include feeds, such as the Special Calendar Panel and Special News Panel which you may need assistance on to update, especially if a category or calendar group is missing.