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Button Panel

A somewhat versatile module, the module has the potential to describe the buttons appearing below it if needed. Otherwise, it is a panel of engaging buttons. Each Button Panel can have the following elements in this order:

  1. Content (OPTIONAL)
  2. Buttons (REQUIRED)

This allows you to provide a small chunks of engaging content with calls-to-action.

Ideas for Usage

A recommended max of four (4)*

  • calls-to-action
  • main service provide by area
  • program advisor / career track advisor / subject focus instructor contacts

*Contact Web Services for button size changes in order to determine the best balance of buttons per row, if needed.

Example Content Module(s)

See the example(s) below for potential solutions for content organization. Please note that not all examples are available as many of these content modules are quite flexible. Contact Web Services for creative solutions.

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