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Cascade CMS Tutorial Website

This Cascade CMS tutorial website will focus on the functionality you will use in Cascade 8 as well as the new responsive template your websites are or will be converted to soon. (See Project Lighting: Speed Conversion Project information)

Get Training

Sign up for face-to-face training for Cascade 8 and the responsive web template! Need a refresher for the Responsive Cascade CMS Training? You can fill out the RSVP form as well; we'd be glad to have you! If we have a large audience, we will give the newcomers priority for logging into Cascade during the training session due to our Cascade CMS user limit.

Cascade 8 Overview

View some of Hannon Hill's short video tutorials and step-by-step guides on using Cascade 8's new interface, including Getting Started: DashboardHow to Add New Content, and Your User Settings.

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