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Web Content Strategy

Responsive content is content that engages your constituents. It leads your constituents to take actions based on your strategic goals. It is usable; it anticipates the needs of your constituents. In order to create responsive content, you need to first create strategic goals by analyzing the needs of your constituents, what services or products need to be explained and promoted. Then organize your content based on these needs. Once you have all your content, you can look at how it can be placed on your website.

Need inspiration? We will update this inspiration section of the tutorial website with examples that already exist for you to look at to get some ideas or come up with your own.

Content is King

Without content, you cannot lay out your webpage's look and feel. Content comes first and foremost. When Web Services develops new modules for you, Web Services must start with your collected content to determine the need for new development versus modules already built for your use in Cascade as well as test the module during development for the interaction you intended it to have with your content.


Use of Content
Improving Results (and the User Experience)
Organizing Content