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Ask yourself these questions to improve your call-to-action:

  • Do they know what to expect when they access the link?
  • Is it specific enough or too general to understand what to expect?
  • Why should anyone go there?
  • What is so interesting about it?
  • Will it directly encourage them to engage in an action?

A call-to-action is the most beneficial way to extend your message as it takes a constituent to a meaningful page or content on the page based on the message on graphical and/or textual links. Instead of just stating information, you direct them to information that gives your constituent a purposeful or meaningful action to take.

Action is more than telling them to look at something, more than merely the action of accessing a web page. The web page or content on the web page should engage your constituent with an activity, such as

  • applying/registering for a program/event,
  • requesting info,
  • reserving something,
  • assessing their ability to do something, or
  • filling out a form for something.

What would be considered a good call-to-action?

A good call-to-action should tell someone what to expect when they access a link. They should lead in very specific ways, such as

  • "Find out how to apply using our 3 step application process" which encourages someone read the steps and apply
  • "Faculty Spotlight: Learn how Dr. So-and-so did do such-and-such" which provide a constituent with testimonials that lead them to apply or request more information
  • "Deadline: April 5. Fill out the such-and-such form now!" which provide a constituent a timely warning and leads them to a specific application
  • "Department Such-and-such ranks 5th in such-and-such in the nation!" which provide a constituent with a meaningful idea of what topic will be presented in an article, and depending on the audience, might create pride in the constituent, help build a relationship with the constituent, or even lead them to apply or request more information

What wouldn't be considered a call-to-action?

Do not tell your constituents to go to something very general, such as

  • "Check out our departmental forms!"
  • "See our student testimonials!"
  • "Read the overview!"
  • "Read more!"
  • "Click Here"
  • "More Info"
  • "Here"
  • "Link"