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Question and Answer Content


Question and Answer is a Content Molecule available as "Question+Answer" in most Main Content sections of content modules. That doesn't mean it is strictly for Q&A or FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). It can be used to set off content that does not need to be a major heading (scannable as a major topic area) but does need to stand out, like a definition for a concept or term.

  1. Question (REQUIRED)
  2. Answer (REQUIRED)

Answers can be hidden by default until selected by checking "Yes" on Collapse / Expand Answers?, however, there is no option currently to expand all / close all answers next to the content.

Question+Answer should not be used right next to an aside, since the content hides instead of wrapping around the aside. Questions should be as short as possible - not paragraphs. Consult Web Services on complex layouts within Answer as some may not be possible and others may be too technical for Basic Content Editors to edit after implementation.

Ideas for Usage

Use in moderation (maximum of 8):

  • questions and answers
  • definitions of terms

Pages should not be dedicated solely to answering questions. FAQ pages are highly disputed among web content strategists for their usability as target audiences continue to complain that they just cannot see what they are looking for despite the content experts knowing exactly what is there because they added it. It's like looking for a needle in the haystack when you aren't even sure what needle you are looking for in the first place.

Instead, questions should be answered on relevant pages or near relevant content on pages in order to ensure your audience can find your information without having to look for a FAQ page that may still not have the answer.


See the example(s) below for potential solutions for content organization. Please note that not all examples are available as many of these content molecules and components can be flexible. Contact Web Services for creative solutions.

Files Payments


Once overdue item(s) are returned, the fine will be processed and loaded on the Texan Bill Pay website. The library uploads bills daily, Monday-Friday. Once the bills are loaded, you may make payments online through Texan Bill Pay.

Faculty, staff and affiliate members

Make fine payments in person at the Circulation Desk or call 254-968-9450.

ILL Overdue Fee Policy

The library will charge $1.00/day late for interlibrary loan materials borrowed from other libraries.

ILLiad Fee: We will not enforce the charge until the user reaches the 2nd ILLiad overdue notice stage.

When user reaches the 2nd notice in ILLiad:
  • Block the ILLiad account.
  • Block the user in Banner (Students only).
  • Bill the user in Sirsi $10.00
When the user reaches the 3rd notice in ILLiad:
  • Bill the user an additional $15.00 in Sirsi.
When the user reaches the 4th notice in ILLiad:
  • Request an invoice from the lending institution.

Content Modules

Content modules allow you to do a variety of things on a single page. While we discourage placing too many content modules on a page, we do want your webpage to be engaging. The first thing you should think about is content: Content is king.

You should choose your content module based on the sustainability of that module. For example, a slideshow may not be useful if you cannot change out the information periodically with updated news that has photography to go along with it.

Need help deciding which content module to choose? Here are some things to consider: 

I just need a place for text!
I have photos to go with my message!
Where can I put videos?
I have facts and figures!
Where do I place my form?
I use social media!