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Content that may involve multiple kinds of media, such as a video (photos and/or film combined with dialogue and/or music). Audio files are considered multimedia as they have the potential to contain different kinds of auditory content, such as dialogue, sound effects, and music. To be accessible, audio files need transcripts while video files need closed captioning.


Images come in two flavors:

  1. photography
  2. graphics

Editors may upload or replace photography without prior assistance from Web Services as long as you can make the correct adjustments to the image dimensions per the requirements of each content module. Proper adjustment involves taking the raw image file (e.g. original from a camera) and shrinking and/or cropping it down to the proper dimensions. You may not use photos you must expand or stretch in order to meet those dimensions as they blur and skew the image, making it look awkward and unprofessional. 

Graphical elements or any text applied to a photograph is considered a graphic and must created by Web Services staff to ensure appropriate branding, style consistency, and accessibility.


Videos may be created by Video Strategy or individual departments. All requests to embed or link must be reviewed by Web Services for appropriate branding and video standards (where needed), video accessibility standards, and copyright usage.

Content Modules using this Layout Component

Roles that can add multimedia on content modules
Content Module Images (Photography) Images
Photo Feature Panel Basic Content Editor Web Services Web Services
Regular News Panel Basic Content Editor Web Services n/a
Rotating Aside Feature Panel Basic Content Editor Web Services n/a
Rotating News Panel Basic Content Editor Web Services n/a
Slideshow Basic Content Editor Web Services Web Services
Statistics n/a Web Services n/a
Tall Aside Feature Panel Basic Content Editor Web Services Web Services
Testimonials Basic Content Editor Web Services Web Services
Video Block Panel n/a n/a Web Services


See the example(s) below for potential solutions for content organization. Please note that not all examples are available as many of these content molecules and components can be flexible. Contact Web Services for creative solutions.

Better Breathers

Photo Feature Panel: Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Stephenville

Content does not wrap around the multimedia, giving a two-column layout feel. The Stephenville Better Breathers Club is a product of collaboration between Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Stephenville and Tarleton State University. 

Champions counter

These images should have a description that aids in their relevance to the content. For example, the Champions Club has multiple amenities for Tarleton students. 

Guys playing the Wii

While images are allowed, use this feature in moderation. A page should not be more than 1-2 MB to load. This takes a long time and discourages visitors from staying.

Girl sitting at computer in lime green hoodie

Slideshows are interactive, but are less effective the more slides you have. Keep these rotating content areas shorter than the typical mobile phone's maximum screen height.

Guy drinking a water bottle

Not many people swipe to this last slide. The content should be engaging, create a purpose for viewing, not merely become a photo album. Photo albums are better suited on social media (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram).

Rotating Aside Feature Panel: Champions Club

In the Champions Club, students can purchase kinesiology gear, class supplies, snacks, and water. They can also get help with Professional Development (PD) points. Student workers in the Champions Club are available to help upload PD points.

The club has a laid back and inviting atmosphere for students to relax and hang out between classes. Students are also able to meet with classmates and utilize the available computers. The Champions Club is located in the Kinesiology Building, Room 102.  

Rotating News Panel

Images should be 720 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall

Content blocks should be relevant to each other and a height no more than a mobile phone's screen.

Tall Aside Feature Panel (Heading)

Purple Poo READ poster

View Tradition: Purple Poo READ Poster

Can place content, buttons, and/or multimedia here.

Purple Poo (Sub Heading)

The Purple Poo spirit organization evolved from the original spirit groups, Ten Tarleton Peppers (TTP) and Ten Tarleton Sisters (TTS). They actively promote school spirit by attending all university events and by posting signs on campus.

Members conceal their identities with costumes until they “unmask” themselves at the annual Leadership and ServiceAwards Ceremony or in their Grassburr pictures. Graduating members give the university president a purple pig as they receive their diplomas.

female alumni
At Tarleton, a Testimonial panel is strictly the quote of the person speaking. No links are included. You must provide the source of the quote.

Karole Schroeder, Web Services, Web Designer/Developer