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Only administrative users have access to add/maintain forms at this time. Forms can be placed in any Content field, however, given their programmable complexity, it is safer to place them in an Admin Block Panel, so other editors cannot accidentally overwrite the code. Web Services has currently vetted two integrated services that we must work closely with you to implement: Target X and Wufoo.

Target X

We are in the initial phases of implementing forms that work with our new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Target X. These allow us to track customer leads, send email campaigns, and more.


Wufoo allows you to build more complex forms and applications for business use1 on your web pages:

  • Tarleton-branded templates
  • Easy form building interface
  • Logical rules for fields, pages, and forms
  • Email notifications for form submissions1
  • Entry exporting with Excel (.xls), Tab (.txt), and Commas (.csv) as well as online viewing
  • Embedding onto web pages2

1While Wufoo is trusted with many of our business practices, it is not as secure as using our own internal applications, such as forms created in Banner (our Student Information System), nor does it have direct access to import that information into the Banner system. Be sure your form fields are not asking for any FERPA or HIPAA information. Contact Web Services for consultation. If you have information in your forms that must be secured, the email notification system in Wufoo cannot be used, since it emails over an open channel.

2Web Services must review your form for embedding into your web pages. We can also assist in making your form much more user friendly, depending on your needs. Please contact Web Services for more information.

Content Modules using this Layout Component


See the example(s) below for potential solutions for content organization. Please note that not all examples are available as many of these content molecules and components can be flexible. Contact Web Services for creative solutions.