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Versions for an Asset in Cascade

To err is human, and thankfully, Cascade is willing to forgive you with about 20 versions of backups for each asset. If you make a mistake that you don't know how to reverse, you can always revert back a version.

  1. Find the asset,
  2. select More,
  3. Versions, and then
  4. review all Past Versions available to you by selecting their name.

Each version will have a unique name that you can remember, who modified it and when, and any comments they provided about their updates. While viewing a version, you can restore or delete that version as well as navigate all the other versions.

If you go back to the Past Versions list, and check the box beside one of the versions, you will see icons right above the table to restore to that version, compare with the current version, or remove that version entirely. 

Be careful with deleting as you can't go back to the Trash and recycle versions you change your mind about. Also be careful about making many small changes. Each submission is its own version, and you are limited to 20, so the older ones will disappear. 

If you can't remember when a particular update was made, Web Services can audit your asset or maintainers of your website to determine who may be able to assist regarding a particular change they made to the asset. However, we will not be able to revert you beyond those 20 versions, either.