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In short

  1. Make sure no one is linking to your content
    1. in Cascade (via checking Relationships)
    2. print publications
    3. email campaigns
    4. external websites
  2. Unpublish the content
  3. Lock it down (make it un-publishable and un-indexable)

Unpublishing Assets in Cascade

Unpublishing an asset is a lot like deleting an asset in that you need to check that your asset doesn't have any relationships to other websites that can cause broken links. Where it is different is that the content remains on Cascade, and it is only removed from the Tarleton website.

This is good for seasonal changes. However, it should not be mistaken for storage space on Cascade. Anything that will never be used again should be deleted entirely, not just unpublished. If you have seasonal content, label it as such by renaming the content module blocks that are seasonal. If it is a seasonal page, it will need to be locked down from publishing and appearing in your navigation.

If you are unpublishing content,

  1. find the asset,
  2. select More,
  3. Unpublish, and
  4. then make sure the Generate a publish report and Production Server boxes are both checked.

If your content is lingering on the website, you should check your Notifications for a publishing report, and then notify Web Services of any errors.

Locking Unpublished Content Down

Keep in mind, even if you unpublish the content, Web Services occasionally mass-publishes the entire website to make major updates in functionality. We don't know you unpublished content unless you tell us specifically that you don't want something to publish during a certain period of time. We can lock it down from publishing (i.e. uncheck the boxes for Include when indexing and Include when publishing), so you don't have to worry about it reappearing on the Tarleton website.