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Tasks for an Asset in Cascade

Collaboration is important in Cascade, which is why you are now able to view every asset on everyone's website. You can select anyone's asset and send Comments or build Tasks regarding spelling, punctuation, capitalization, or grammar errors, or even note something is outdated. You can assign tasks to yourself or to the Content Owner of an asset.

To do this,

  1. find the asset with the questionable information,
  2. select More,
  3. Tasks, and then
  4. Add a Task.

This allows you to give the task a name, a description of what needs to be done, who should be assigned to make the change, the priority level of the change, and the due date. If you selected the wrong asset, you can change it in Related Content.

Once a task is created, you can come back to the list of All Active Tasks or Tasks Assigned to Me, and select the task. Additional participants can be brought in on the task to help discover issues and create solutions for the task. You can use the comment section to collaborate directly within Cascade on that specific asset.

Please note a few Internet etiquette tips:

  • Be respectful of the Content Owner as you describe the situation. Humor can go a long way in getting a mistake corrected. Negativity or rude comments can burn bridges and slow down maintenance.
  • Do not shout (or use all uppercase letters) in any of the fields. Always speak in what appears to be a calm tone. No foul language is allowed.
  • User proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar, providing as much detail as is necessary to inform the Content Owner of your concerns. Do not assume they know what you are talking about.
  • Not everything is a High priority. Unless lives are in danger, someone is at risk of losing money, or another potential harm could result in the update not being made, Priority should be set at Normal or Low.
  • Give the Content Owner ample time to complete the task and discuss it further with you. Never require it "yesterday", just like you wouldn't want them to require updates to your content "yesterday." Planning ahead creates a more civil environment.

If you need to make changes to the original task, select Edit. When a task is resolved, you can select the Resolve button. If it is no longer deemed a task, due to a better understanding of the content as it is currently presented, you can Delete it.