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Publishing and Un-Publishing

Web content you create, edit or copy does not automatically change on the live website. When your web content is ready to be published, you must decide to do one of the following:

Publish the single asset (e.g. page or file)
Publish the whole website folder

If you are trying to publish a folder or its contents, make sure the folder is not one starting with an underscore (_) as these are internal Folders for Cascade organizational use only. No publishable content (e.g. Page or File) should be in an _underscored folder, only Blocks. Attempting to publish such a folder will give you an error message. (Even if images work inside Cascade, they will not publish correctly to the website if they are in _underscore folders.)


Sometimes content needs to be removed for a time or archived for reuse later. Select the asset(s) via their checkboxes, select the More button and Un-publish.

You can delete content from Cascade if you are not using it ever again. Replace files instead of deleting and adding new ones.

Publishing Queue

After you have set something to publish, you can check the publishing queue to see if your content should already be on the live website.

Go to the hamburger menu button, and select Publish Queue to see the location of your publish request in the queue. Contact University Web Services if you see an error message on the queue that something is stalled or doesn't appear to be increasing in percentage completed.

Note that Scheduled Jobs will appear in the Active Jobs publishing queue when they are scheduled to publish.

Troubleshooting Publishing Tasks

I don’t see my updates on the website. What can I do?

Make sure you selected Production Server.
Make sure it isn't still in the Publishing Queue.
Check for publishing errors.
Refresh your browser or clear your browser cache.