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In short

  1. Make sure no one is linking to your content or that you can quickly notify them of the link change
    1. in Cascade (via checking Relationships)
    2. print publications
    3. email campaigns
    4. external websites
  2. Move the content

Move an Asset in Cascade

Despite best intentions, you may have added a new file to your website but in the wrong folder. To move it to the "documents", "images", or "forms" folder,

  1. go to the file in Cascade,
  2. select More,
  3. Move, and then
  4. select the New Folder it should be located in. 


Once you have chosen a folder, you probably also need to unpublish it from its current location. This is very important, since you don't want a copy lingering in another location and lowering your SEO. It will remain available to other users in the wrong location, inaccessible to you to even remove, so make sure you have checked Unpublish Content. If you do forget, contact Web Services to remove your asset from the Tarleton website.

Once you have checked Unpublish Content, you need to select the Destination it will be removed from and republished to in the new folder. To ensure no accidental publishing occurs, you must manually check Production Server before selecting Move.

Each time you select one of these main submission options, you'll see a dialog box appear toward the bottom of your screen for a brief moment informing you of the progress of your request. Sometimes, it will also include a link that you can select to immediate go to a location, or check the publishing queue, and so forth. The Move option typically takes you directly to the asset in its new location.

So what happens when you move an asset? Content Management Systems have addresses for assets that are different from what you see in the Site Content structure. Any asset that you are linking to across your website will keep track of the asset, no matter where it moves, as long as it was linked to Internally. Despite knowing the new location of the asset, your website will not automatically publish the new link across your website. When you are ready to update the links across your website, you can publish your page assets or website folders or subfolders.