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Check-out/Lock an Asset in Cascade

Cascade CMS has a Check-out/Lock menu option on most assets that allows you to explicitly inform any other maintainers of your website that you are specifically working on this asset.

Once you have found your asset,

  1. selected More,
  2. then Check-out/Lock, and
  3. you can make any edits you want to the asset without worrying that anyone else will override them accidentally.

When this happens, you will notice a new dropdown menu next the the asset's name or page title. During the lock-down, there is a Working Copy you have access to and a Current version that is still publishable to the website, as long as Cascade considers it a publishable asset. You can switch between the two while maintaining lock-down access to the asset. Note that when you switch to Current, you will not see an Edit option. You will only see the Edit option for the Working Copy.

When you have finished all your edits to the asset, you can select Commit changes.

If you weren't done, but someone else absolutely needs access to make some updates, perhaps because you are out sick, then you can select Break Lock. Breaking the lock discards are your changes, so you want to avoid keeping your assets locked down. If you are unable to be contacted to break the lock on your asset, other web maintainers can contact Web Services to break the lock for them.