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Edit an Asset in Cascade

First, you must select the asset in Cascade and then select the Edit button.

What you can edit will differ depending on the asset (e.g. Page, Block, Files).

If you are not done editing, it will save a draft. You can switch to the draft in Preview or Edit mode, and you can decide whether to Submit or Discard the draft.

Otherwise, you can:

  • select Save and Preview to save a new draft, or
  • select the three dot button which will allow you to submit Comments and then Check Content and Submit.

Please do not Ignore the spelling errors or broken links where they can and should be Fixed. We occasionally have bugs that add or remove characters from your content, changing your spelling or links on the page.

You cannot preview drafts of Blocks in the responsive template. You must Submit the draft and Preview the page to see if there are any errors.