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Add (Upload) a File to Cascade

There are at least three ways to add your Files into the Cascade CMS.

  1. You can add them from the "documents", "forms", or "images" Folder you are in.
  2. You can add them while in a different folder, like an _underscore folder which cannot have files.
  3. You can also add them while editing a Content Module Block, like inside a WYSIWYG editor, a link section, or an image section.
1: Adding the file from inside the folder it needs to be placed in
2: Adding the file while in a different folder
3: Adding the file while editing a Content Module Block on your Page

Add (Upload) Multiple Files at One Time

You can follow the same steps above for the first or second way to add a file in order to add multiple files. Instead of just dragging and dropping one file, you keep dragging and dropping new files. Similarly, when browsing, you can choose more than one file. Note that you cannot adjust the file name when it changes to this bulk upload mode. You'll have to rename the file afterward if it needs to be fixed.

Standards and Restrictions

File types you are allowed to add on a website
Files that you might be asked to remove for compliance issues