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Editing a Block

Select the Block you want to update, then select the Edit tab.

Each block has form fields specific to the content module you are editing. Content modules are anything from slideshows and news feeds to buttons and textual content. Some have a mix of content elements to allow you to better organize your content on the page.

As you go through the form fields for a content module, you'll notice similar functionality on each Block you are editing:

Adding, Removing, Reorganizing Sections

Where multiple sections can be created, you can use the add (+) and remove (-) buttons and reorder, using the move up (^) and move down (v) buttons, located to the top left on those sections.

Answer the Questions in Blocks

Cascade allows you to select what you are going to have (and be able to edit) in your specific content module through the use of questions. As you select a radio button option, your form field options will change on the screen allowing you to fill out the require fields per the question asked.

For example, you may be asked to choose

  • what type of link you want (e.g. external or internal)
  • what type of media you want (e.g. image, video or none)
  • if you want buttons to display
  • if you want textual content to display
  • where you want something to display (e.g. does an aside appear to the left or right, above or below a heading)