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Editing Buttons

Buttons are highly visible links that are good for major calls-to-action that need to stand out.

Depending on the content module or template, you may be able to put up to three or four buttons on a row, if viewed from a desktop computer, while others only allow one button. Where multiple buttons can be created, you can use the add (+) and remove (-) buttons and reorder, using the move up (^) and move down (v) buttons, located to the top left on those Button sections.

Once you have decided how many buttons are on a row, you can create the following button types:

  • Normal Button
  • None*

*Selecting None after having placed button information in for a Normal Button keeps the content inside the Normal Button settings. You can come back and select Normal Button, and you'll see all your past information. This is not always a good choice, particularly when determining Relationships to other content. We recommend you remove the Button Name, Hidden Text, and link (e.g. internal or external fields) before switching to None.

Normal Button

Each Normal Button has the ability to contain text, using the following options:

  • Type of Link: Required to determine if the type is Internal or External (or custom where available)
  • Button Name: Link text should be short and sweet, typically a call-to-action. Do not use sentence structure as the text will be too long on the page in most screen sizes.
  • Hidden Text: Allows you to make short links unique. For example, you could say the following to create a hidden sentence structure, making your links unique:
    • Example 1
      Button Name: Register Now
      Hidden Text: for the Basket Weaving Course
    • Example 2
      Button Name: Learn More
      Hidden Text: about the Basket Weaving Course