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Editing Basic Textual Content

Basic textual content can be placed in many content modules. The sections can be repeated, using the add (+) and remove (-) buttons and reordered, using the move up (^) and move down (v) buttons, to the top left of any Content section (inside Main Content and Aside Content).

Each Content section in a content module has the following options:

  • Heading for the Main/Aside Content: Optional text depending on where the content will display on the page. These should be short and to the point, like headings in a thesis paper. They do not need colons (:) to introduce the content below them as their style will make them stand out.
  • Heading Type: Required for the above heading content to determine what heading level the content should be in.
  • Content: Where the meat of your page will be located. This uses the WYSIWYG editor to provide more functionality, including links and lists that make your content easier to read.