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In Cascade, a Page can be published to the live website in the form Web Services has programmed for it. For example, a Page could have a .html output listing news articles for use on a web browser and a .xml output listing new articles for use in an RSS or news reader application. Cascade does this incredible work on the back end during publishing.

Cascade puts all the blocks from the underscore Folders together, a few maintenance checks, and then publishes the final product to the Tarleton website to create what we know and recognize as a webpage.

For this reason, pages do not have a file extension in the Asset Name. Like Files and Folders, it is very important that proper naming constructs are used, so Cascade can publish your pagesearch engines can rank/display your page in search results and we can help you analyze its usage.

Cascade is not storage, so please remove all non-web content from Cascade. Remove any old Pages as well to improve your SEO ranking.

Content Reuse

Other websites can use your website's Pages to reduce duplication and increase accuracy. This type of content strategy keeps the content in the ownership of the expert on the content. As the owner, you can check the Relationships on your Pages and let other editors know that you've updated the contents.

Pages can have Content Owners as well, since pages can also be used or linked to from other Tarleton websites. Make sure you collaborate with those Content Owners regarding updates or corrections. While some blocks may be too styled or outlined to be re-used for other websites, pages are far more aligned with a shared message - the Tarleton message, be it a policy, guideline, or steps that must be taken.


Any issues regarding publishing will be in your Notifications on your Dashboard. Pay attention to broken links. As mentioned before, though, Cascade won't recognize between publishable content that is inside an underscore folder versus a normal folder during preview, so always review your pages after publishing them on the live Tarleton website.