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In Cascade, a File is any non-Webpage document that can be published to the live website. It differs from a Webpage in that it displays the file extension (e.g. .pdf, .jpg) in the Asset Name.

It is very important that proper naming constructs are used, so Cascade can publish your filesearch engines can rank/display your file in search results better.

Consider the following when determining the use of files on your website:

Safety and Privacy Appropriate Usage

Cascade is not storage, so please remove all non-web content from Cascade. Remove any old Files as well to improve your SEO ranking.

Content Reuse

Other websites can borrow your Files to reduce duplication and increase accuracy. This type of content strategy keeps the content, in the hands of the owner who is the expert on the content.

Some content in Files need to be updated on a regular basis or periodically. For example, forms with the year or semester on them or brand new procedures. As the Content Owner of a file, your information may be shared by a number of Tarleton websites.

In order to ensure their links don't break as soon as you update the content, you should always replace a file by Editing and uploading the new file on the old file. Even if it had a different name, the original file name Cascade has will not change unless you specifically change it. By leaving it as is with the new file uploaded, and publishing to the Tarleton website, you ensure you and others across campus re-using your content will continue to have the most current and accurate information, and your SEO ranking will improve.

As the content owner, you can check the Relationships on your Files and let other editors know that you've updated the File.



Files, documents or images, are all publishable as long as they are in normal folders. If you review your Files on the live Tarleton website and notice something isn't appearing correctly, you should first check if they are in the correct folders, since you cannot see this issue previewing the content inside Cascade. They may need to be moved into their appropriate folders to publish correctly.