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In Cascade, a Block is a piece of a Page. It is a designated a specific content module type that you can edit and place on as many pages as it is relevant.

locks are typically content modules, like Tall Aside Feature Panel, Photo Feature Panel, or Special Calendar Panel. They can be organized up and down on the main content section of your webpage to provide the desired results per your content strategy goals. Web Services works with your department to meet those goals, so you can edit the content within the blocks with ease. 

Content Reuse

Other websites can use your website's Blocks to reduce duplication and increase accuracy. This type of content strategy keeps the content in the ownership of the expert. As the content owner, you can check the Relationships on your Block and let other editors know to re-publish their pages using your Block, so all pages on the live website have your most current information.

While you can share blocks and use another website's blocks, you cannot edit someone else's content module blocks. Remember, there is only one Content Owner of any content (or asset), so you should contact them regarding any changes you think need to be made to the content. Collaboration has improved in Cascade to allow direct conversations on the assets with assigned Content Owners. 

Not Publishable

On its own, a Block cannot be published. Blocks are typically located in underscore Folders that cannot be published or indexed, so you will see an error message if you attempt to publish them or their Folder.