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Handshake Employment System

The Handshake employment system offers many features such as personalized job recommendations and a user-friendly interface. Visit Handshake for more information.

Handshake is currently partnered with over:

  • 9,000,000+ Students and Alumni
  • 500+ Universities
  • 250,000+ Employers

Student Login

Handshake will email students with login instructions to your account.

Alumni Login

Employer Login

Hire A Texan, is now Handshake, it allows you to have full control over job postings, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

You can also register for job fairs!

Create a Handshake account and post the position yourself, allowing you to have full access and control over viewing, renewing, and removing the posting.


Handshake is a user-friendly job hunting experience which gives you full control of which postings you would like to see. Handshake has a variety of helpful features such as:

  • Mobile app - Discover jobs like never before. Find, favorite and apply to jobs. Receive direct messages from employers and notifications on job deadlines.
  • Favorite/Explore Collections - Don’t know what you want to be? No problem. We’ll provide recommendations based on your major, interests, location preferences, and skills.
  • Campus Profiles - Make your profile public to employers and to other students on your campus. Learn from other students and put your best self forward.

And much more!

Find out why students across the United States love Handshake.