A Family’s Guide to Career Development

  • Student Resources– include internet job search engines, online resume tools, career exploration links, how to use LinkedIn and Twitter in your job search, and much, much more….
  • Student Career Services– include physical services offered to TSU students on-campus such as resume assistance, business etiquette dinners, job fairs, mock interviews, companies interviewing on-campus, success stories, and more…

Why would my student go to Career Services Center?

For help in choosing a major: Career counselors have a broad view of academic programs and the applications to careers. Career counseling involves self-assessment through Focus2Career, a web-based career inventory to assist students in not only choosing a major field of study, but in making career goals as well. All current and prospective Tarleton students have FREE access (Code: HireATexan) to all of the career assessments in Focus2Career.com

For help in exploring different career fields: A career library with books for check-out is available plus internet resources. Internship opportunities are also posted at the center and on Handshake, this is our new internship and employment website.

For help in finding a part-time job, internship and full-time job: A posting of on-campus and off-campus part-time jobs, internships and full-time jobs is located in the CSC and on Handshake, our new internship and employment website.

To begin writing a resume: For part-time jobs, full-time jobs, summer jobs, internships or even scholarship applications, resume assistance and examples are available. Students should call for an appointment. Students should have their resume posted on Handshake by the second semester.

To start their full-time job search: Whether it is sharpening interview skills, tweaking the resume, job fair and on-campus recruiting information or help in making the transition from college to career, we can help.

Your Role in the Process

  • Career decision takes time. Be patient and encourage exploration of several career fields.
  • Encourage the use of campus services and programs provided by the Career Services Center.
  • Encourage your student to develop skills through courses, volunteer experiences, campus and community activities, related part-time work during school, summer jobs and internships.
  • Support your son or daughter in exploring themselves, interests, strengths, weaknesses and skills. The Career Services Center provides career counseling and assessment, students can schedule an appointment through Handshake.
  • Assure your student that it’s okay to start college being unsure about a major.

What You Need to Know

  • Students look to their parents for advice and suggestions in making decisions. Initiate a career conversation, like: “Did you know that Lisa Kudrow (from Friends) was a biology major?”
  • The job market is changing daily; many current jobs did not exist ten years ago.
  • On average, people change careers 5-7 times before they retire.
  • It is important to assess interest, abilities, skills and values.
  • Stress the importance of developing contacts in prospective career fields and conduct informational interviews.

Please encourage your student to use our services early in their educational experience. Feel free to call if you have any questions.