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Career Clothing Fund

What we offer

The purpose of the Career Clothing Fund is to provide interview attire for an internship or full time/careered position to students in financial need. Students may only need a professional pair of shoes or a whole outfit for that special day. The Career Clothing Fund is not a loan, however, students who receive support are strongly encouraged to repay the amount back to Tarleton’s Office of Development in order for other students to also benefit in times of need.


Interested in giving back?

If you're an employer, an alumnus, or even current faculty/staff/student who has the means to give back to the students on all of our campuses, please donate below! You will be helping those in need to meet the rigorous standards of the professional interview. This is a process that can be made even more intimidating by feeling that the individual doesn't have the attire that is expected of them. Giving a donation can help have an impact on those who may be less able to afford professional attire, feel prepared and confident on the big day!

For more information about the services provided or the application process, email us at

Application Process

  • Applicant must be in “good standing” academically with the university (above a 2.0 gpa).
  • Applicant must be enrolled in at least 6 hours at the time of application and must submit an unofficial transcript (which can be located under ducktrax under student records).
  • Applicant must be in the application process for jobs/internships and have an upcoming interview.
  • Applicant must submit a resume.
  • Applicant must submit a completed application through the link listed below.

Submit your application to the Career Clothing Fund.


Applications will be reviewed by the committee comprised of Tarleton State staff and faculty. Awards will be determined based on the established criteria outlined in the application. Award amount will be determined based on the request, proof of need, and available funds. Most awards will not exceed $200, unless extenuating circumstances warrant a higher amount.

The administrative office for the Career Clothing Fund is located at the Career Services office on the Stephenville campus (Thompson Student Center, Room 218). Career Services will serve as the central receiving site for all four campuses (Stephenville, Fort Worth, Waco and Midlothian). All requests and awards will be tracked and recorded for student retention monitoring and reporting purposes.