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Texan Shadow Overview - Students

  • Do you want first-hand knowledge of a "day in the life" of a job or career field?
  • Do you ever wonder "What would it be like to work for (you fill in the blank)?"
  • Get first-hand experience "shadowing" a professional in the field of your choosing through Texan Shadow!
  • Follow the steps below, and let us match you with a great opportunity!

Getting Started and Requirements

Ready to dive in?

Please note the following change:

Applications are only being accepted for Juniors and Seniors at this time!

Applying to Texan Shadow is a Four-Step process. Your application is not complete until you have done all four of these things:

Complete an Online application 
    • Provide as much detail as you can. 
    • Submit your completed application.
    • Look for a confirmation email.
Watch the PowerPoint slideshow.
    • A link to the PowerPoint is in the confirmation email.
    • You will need sound. You may come to our office if you need a computer with speakers. 
Take (and pass) the Quiz.
    • The link is located on the last PowerPoint slide
    • You have 10 days from when you submit your application to complete and submit your quiz!
    • We will call you to arrange an interview.
    • We will contact you after the interview to let you know if you have been accepted to participate in Texan Shadow.

Things to Consider:

  • We will share some information in your application (name, major, classification, contact info) with your workplace mentor. Please make sure your info is correct and your email address is professional. 
  • Travel is your responsibility.
  • If you are accepted into the program, placement can take 30 days or more and is not guaranteed. We will do our best to place all participants!
  • We will send you a quick survey after your shadow and ask that you provide feedback to help us improve.
  • Call us at any time if you have questions / concerns: 254-968-9078.